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Equity Auto Finance believes in creating opportunities for our team, customers, and the community around us. We believe in taking the challenge of auto loan financing for dealers and finding creative and innovative ways to help the dealer get a car into their customers hands. Equity Auto was created over 30 years ago to help people get into vehicles. From his humble roots, the South Florida grown founder, Larry Courtney, using his background in auto dealerships and realized there was a niche buyer that needed their services, subprime loan individuals. Larry decided that the best way to help this type of niche buyer is to help dealerships throughout Florida get their vehicles into these types of customers hands in any way possible. He felt that by offering his services to the dealerships they would be able to help the community even more than by simply having his own lot. So he sold it off went into the business of helping dealerships fund their clients. Here Equity Auto Finance is 30 years later, still offering the great service and forward thinking for that niche type of client, all while helping their community. The only difference between now and 30 years ago when Equity Auto started is that the community has grown a little bit larger, however the same commitment to their clients exists.

Henry Silvia


Henry Silvia has succeeded Larry Courtney as President of Equity Auto inance. After working with Larry as Vice president he now continues Larry Courtney’s legacy and standards into the next generation.

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